YouTube Debut with Reptilian Garden

August 3, 2019
by Dave of Dave's Skinks

This is one of my proudest moments being apart of Dave’s Skinks… I got to be featured in a YouTube video with reptile enthusiast, local Chicagoan and YouTube celebrity, Reptilian Garden.

I’ll back up to a few months ago. I was having a casual reptile-themed conversation with one of my clients out of New York who asked what I thought of the Reptilian Garden girl? I really wasn’t sure what she was talking about. She sent me over the link to her page, . Immediately, I new I wanted to connect! This was in fact the person I had been searching for. I knew there had to be somebody well invested and respected amongst the herpetology community in my area. And in fact, it was Tricia!

Frankly, I felt embarrassed I didn’t know about here sooner. Tricia has been caring for reptiles for years and successfully built up a YouTube channel dedicated to the care and well being of all types of reptiles. She’s a Blue Tongue Skink keeper as well. We connected over Instagram. If you’ve got it, you can find her @reptiliangarden . She was actually the one to propose we do a video shoot together highlighting all the blue tongues I’m keeping.

We set a date and the rest is history. I’m super grateful to her and encourage everyone else to check out her many videos and social media posts on Instagram and YouTube. Check out the video we did together, .