Classic Northern Blue Tongue Skink (BCL09)



  • Status: FOR SALE
  • ID: BCL09
  • Species: Classic Northern Blue Tongue Skink
  • Genetics: Light Classic showing a reduction in the traditional dark side bands to High Orange Classic
  • Gender: N/A
  • Born: 05/26/2022


Other Descriptions 

  • Extra chunk
  • Extra plump
  • Good white speckled scales
  • Easy and ready to handle
  • Blue tongue gender is determined in gestation by temperatures, and the mom‘s tank was closest to the ground which automatically makes her tank cooler than the rest. If you want female, best chance of finding it in this litter, though all babies are sold unsexed officially
  • Very standard classic northern look to it
  • Strong traditional side bands fading closer to the neck
  • Good orange and yellow color vibrancy
  • Light-colored face
  • Least white speckling
  • Smaller slender fingers have any believing female