FM Litter (FM – 07)

TItle: FM Litter

Mom: Large Marge, full specialty morph from 50/50 T+ Caramel and Fenn Orange genes. Produced by Deb’s Exotic Blue Tongues (may she RIP)

Dad: Carl, 100% Classic featuring High Orange, produced by James Wilson

Species: Half Specialty Morph / Half Classic Northern, (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia)

Genetics: 50% Classic (High Orange) x 25% Fenn Orange x 25% T+ Caramel

DOB: 05/11/2024

  • Nice classic baby.
  • Just an overall easy, chunky monkey
  • Possibly our heaviest baby. This one clearly has an appetite.
  • Decent white speckling around the spine bars
  • Nice, traditional, dark side



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