GJ Litter (GJ – 06)

TItle: GJ Litter

Mom: Hermione Granger, classic,in light classic phase showing a reduction in the traditional dark side bands, produced by Little Fires Gecko House with 50% genetics from Captive Bred Excellence

Dad: Jasper, 87.5% Sunrise x 12.5% Red, produced by Dave’s Skinks from parents Goldilocks and Charlie Manson

Species: Half Specialty Morph/Half Classic Northern, (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia)

Genetics: 50% Classic x 43.75% Sunrise x 6.25% Red

DOB: 05/18/2024

  • A little bit of extra orange and yellow tints throughout the body
  • A bit of green and its eyes with a nice overall orange iris
  • A bit extra vibrancy
  • Easy to handle and hold, but won’t stay still forever because it wants to stretch its legs and see the world
  • Cute little dimple in chin



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