I9 Litter ( I904)

TItle: I9 Litter

Mom: Katherine Night, full specialty morph from 50/50 T+ Caramel and Fenn Orange genes. Produced by Deb’s Exotic Blue Tongues (may she RIP)

Dad: Carl, 100% Classic featuring High Orange, produced by James Wilson

Species: Half Specialty Morph / Half Classic Northern, (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia)

Genetics: 50% Classic (High Orange) x 25% Fenn Orange x 25% T+ Caramel

DOB: 05/03/2024

  • This one was born with  a small hump in its spine. I’ve been working with it directly over the past month to get it corrected. You can no longer see it but there’s mild detection if you rub your fingers over it. This one will take a bit of extra monitoring it’s calcium intake and levelness of the back while it grows and bones harden to ensure it comes out with as perfect a spine as possible.
  • Personality-wise, another one easy to handle and hold baby
  • Not quite as into eye contact as its siblings, but still exhibiting a really good, overall pet-friendly personality.
  • Best white speckling 
  • Best overall color vibrancy
  • Best color in the spine bars of its siblings
  • Looks most like Mike did when she was a baby.
  • Least traditional dark side banding, which is what we’re going for in our Northern breeding project

Original price was: $475.00.Current price is: $315.00.


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