JJ Litter (JJ – 08)

TItle: JJ Litter

Mom: Gladys, cream-light phase Irian Jaya from an unknown Florida breeder

Dad: George, Red Irian Jaya produced by Thunder Bay Herps

Species: CBB Irian Jaya Blue-Tongued Skink, (Tiliqua sp.)

DOB: 05/24/2024

  • For some reason, this baby seem to have a tough time shedding its skin, so for photos, I had to spend a lot of extra time with it and get to know it really well.
  • This baby is probably the best one in the litter if you’ve got young kids. It really just seem to withstand me poking and prodding at it to get those tiny little scales off better than anyone. Better than I would’ve handled it if I were a baby Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skink.
  • Just super docile
  • Nice coloring as well. Decent yellow tones throughout the body.
  • Just a little bit of pinstriping in the head scales. Not as pronounced as a Halmahera but a little bit more than a standard Irian Jaya. Only time will tell if these last two adult hood.


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