Northern Blue Tongue Skink (ID: TX03)


  • Status: SOLD OUT
  • ID: TX03
  • Species: Northern Blue Tongue Skink (specialty morph)
  • Genetics: 50% T+Caramel (Caramel color with dissolved/faded contrast while reducing the traditional black side bands to complete or near complete removal, and near black iris) 37.5% Sunrise (yellow), 12.5% Red
  • Gender: NA
  • Born: 06/17/2020


Other Descriptions 

  • High oranges, strong reds sides
  • Good contrast
  • Dad genetics dominant but momma’s faded caramel genes also displayed
  • Very minor single kink starting towards the back of its tail – does not affect health or function in anyway
  • Super Friendly!
  • Non-skittish
  • Inquisitive
  • Handleable