To purchase a skink, please email your requests to .


Prices set for the 2021 season are as follows:
Irian Jaya: $225 – $325
Classic Northern: $325 – $400
Half Specialty Morph Northern: $350 – $500
Specialty Morph Northern: $500 – $750
Centralian: $10,000


This base price does not include shipping. When emailing your inquiry, please provide the skink identification number(s) you are interested in.  If your reptile is to be shipped, please also include your shipping address with zip code for a shipping quote. Please note skink babies do not last long, especially the Australians.  If there is a particular one you want, my advice is claim it as soon as you receive a quote and not to inquire before you are prepared to commit. Once you claim your skink, I will put a 24-hour hold on your baby free of charge, while we sort out payment details.


Payment methods accepted:
Deposit holders will receive preferred selection once babies are born and uniquely identified. All deposits are non-refundable but will be applied to your final purchase price. To submit a deposit, just reach out and ask,. Please have payment ready.


There are Three times I accept deposits.


1) There exists a very small list of deposit holders for skink seekers who want to guarantee a skink far in advance and are sure they want to purchase from Dave’s Skinks. One of the mottos of Dave’s Skinks is “To Under Promise and Over Deliver.” Keeping that in mind, I feel comfortable guaranteeing a healthy baby to every deposit holder while accepting 10 Northern deposit and 5 Irian Jaya deposits prior to birth. This list fills up starting February 1 after breeding concludes and continues until the this short list is full or when babies start being born in late May. It will be a $50 deposit and I will require the following form filled out for appropriate record keeping:


Phone Number:
Desired Species:


2) I post updates about each litter immediately on the Dave’s Skinks Instagram and Facebook social media pages. When it is known how many babies will be available, I will be taking additional deposits on the litter mates. It will be a $50 deposit and I will need the following form filled out:


Phone Number:
Litter Identifier:
Shipped or Local Pick Up?:


3) Once a baby is posted on the For Sale page with individual product ID, I will accept a $100 deposit to hold your specific skink that is good for 2 weeks while you sort out housing and the remaining balance.
Price Determination
Prices are set by the present physical characteristics available after their first shed. These characteristics include: color, vibrancy, pattern, uniqueness, skeletal health, and suspected gender. Babies will get more vibrant with each shed for the first 6 months or more, after that they each mature differently. I’ve seen vibrant juveniles end as dull adults, and several ugly ducklings turn into beautiful swans. When it comes to suspected gender, I can only offer my opinion on how the babies look today. The assessment of their gender is an educated guess, guided by a compare and contrast to each sibling. Officially, they are all sold unsexed.


My prices are set to sustain Dave’s Skinks, the welfare for all animals involved and expansion to offer more babies in the near future.  Though I am friendly with most BTS breeders around the country and happy to make an alternative recommendation, I do not know of anyone regularly producing healthy Northern babies this exquisite at more affordable rates. If a Northern exceeds your budget, please consider an Irian Jaya.  They are just as lovable and may grow bigger and live longer thanks to an influx of imported genetics.
Payment Options
If you would like to meet in Chicago Illinois or suburban Cook county, I am happy to arrange a meeting.  In person or via snail mail, I accept cash. PayPal, Venmo or CashApp can be used in advance.  If paid in advance, I am willing to drive up to 45 minutes on a weekend to meet you at your convenience.  Please bring your own travel container for your new skink companion.
I exclusively ship via FedEx Priority Overnight. All animals are shipped in reptile-safe styrofoam lined containers that comply with state and federal regulations, and have enough oxygen for the journey of your baby. If you are purchasing multiples, there will be additional fees related to shipping. Dave’s Skinks can ship to anywhere in the continental 48 US, and for an extra fee, Canada is possible. For Canada, please see the section below.


Shipping rates fluctuate and can range between $24 – $94 depending on location. I cover the expense of the shipping materials and crosscheck shipping quotes from 3 approved distributors to provide you the most reasonable rate possible. Together, we will coordinate your shipping day. You must be available to receive your lizard during the agreed upon day at the agreed upon location. Though FedEx is quite punctual with their anticipated arrival time, they often leave the package at the door and will not ring your bell. Shipping to a nearby FedEx Hub is also possible. I only ship Monday-Thursday when the weather is decent in both the sending and receiving locations. If your skink is to be shipped, the balance + shipping must be paid in full prior to shipping.
To recap how shipping works:
  • Together we select a Tuesday-Friday for you to receive your skink (I ship M-Th.)
  • The weather must be decent at the receiving destination and Chicago (technically ship out of Skokie, IL)
  • I purchase the postage and FedEx provides an estimated arrival time
  • Your skink housing is read to go
  • You are home and ready to receive your lizard at the door
From the moment your reptile leaves Dave’s Skinks, you will have it within a 12-hour window, barring unforeseen incident. I will hold and care for your skink free of charge while we make such arrangements setting a date.
The only shipping distributor that offers late-arrival insurance is Reptiles Express. Please let me know in your inquiring email with shipping address if you would like insurance.  In order to purchase insurance, you must also agree to a signature confirmation, which will cost $2.50. Insurance rates are calculated at $2.60 per $100 of valued animal, rounded up.


EXAMPLE: The insurance on a $560 Northern skink would be $15.60, calculated: [$2.6 x $600], then there is + $2.50 signature confirmation, on top of of the reptile and overnight shipping fees.


UPDATE: Late Arrival Shipping Insurance has been discontinued in the wake of COVID-19. Dave’s Skinks has a fantastic working relationship with the local FedEx hub and staff who have demonstrated continuous support in the wake of this pandemic. Our working relationship will continue throughout 2021 and the foreseeable future.
Shipping to Canada???
YES. Dave’s Skinks can ship to Canada. Northerns and Irian Jayas. There is a kicker though. You have to live near a major city. If you live near Richmond Hill, Ontario – that is best. There are also additional fees to cover: Shipping, Customs, Import, and a Final Value fee. To ship one $500 Northern to Toronto is approximately $250. If you are willing to foot the bill and take a chance, it is possible and legal. I have yet to try this and would not be able to offer a guarantee of arrival or replacement should something out of my control go awry.
Replacements and Refunds
Dave’s Skinks is a wholesome, but small time, breeder-hobbyist business. Every baby is shipped alive and well. I can offer photos or a video of me packaging the baby for you. Almost all of the time do the babies arrive unharmed, but intense cabin pressure is capable of extinguishing their life beyond my control. The goal is to someday be adequate enough to guarantee a replacement skink in the event this happens. I apologize not being in a position to offer such a guarantee, should God forbid, something happens.


I have never had an incident to date sending or receiving since the first frog I received by mail in 1996.