About Me

March 3, 2019
by Dave of Dave's Skinks
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The Dave’s Skinks Blog was created to connect with was my audience on a more personal level.  I may go through a spurt of posts or just blog periodically, but the content will be a mix of personal stories related to care, my daily routine or something cool/fun the lizards did.  I’ll also use this as a platform to go more in depth with some questions that are commonly asked, or focus on a relevant topic about keeping blue tongue skinks happy in captivity. I want this blog to be engaging, accessible, useful, and all things Blue Tongue Skinks. Some may consider me an “expert”.  I don’t – just experienced. Frankly, I’m just a young adult from Chicago Illinois who loves traveling, animals, new experiences and different people.

I’ve spent time living all over the Midwest: Chicago, Central Illinois (Bloomington, Normal, Peoria and Canton), Milwaukee, and Suburban Cook County. I’ve traveled most of these Great United State but spent my most extended times in: Colorado, New York, Florida, and North Carolina, as well as internationally in Israel and Jamaica. Nowhere have I seen reptiles excite me most than those native to Australia, Indonesia and surrounding nations.

Now that college has concluded and I’m figuring out how to cut my teeth in this world, operating a small home business that can help expand the growing love affair in the herpetology community with these awesome reptiles, that are Blue Tongue Skinks, seems like the most natural progression for my own love affair with these cute sausages. Dave’s Skinks Blog is a personal, opinion-based blog. The goal is for readers to learn responsible and anecdotal information related to deciding if being a Blue Tongue Skink pet owner is right for you, and if so, how to make the most out of your companionship.