Morph Northern Litter (FRY-03)

TItle: Red + Yellow Make Orange Specialty Morph Northern,

Mom: Logan, 50% Red x 50% Magma, produced by James Fenn

Dad: Jasper, 87.5% Sunrise x 12.5% Red, produced by Dave’s Skinks from parents Goldilocks and Charlie Manson

Species: Specialty Morph Northern, (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia)

Genetics: 43.75% Sunrise, 31.25% Red, 25% Magma

DOB: 06/20/2023

  • This baby enjoys being held
  • Strong grip when you try to put it down as to say, “oh no, please keep holding me.”
  • Excellent red tones coming through the face
  • Nice oranges throughout entire body


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